Interview Deva


What is your biggest concern at the moment?
I’m practicing that each moment is my biggest concern.

How strongly do you depend on the recognition of others?
I love being loved by my friends, and I am blessed with a lot of recognition from people I don’t know – whether I deserve it or not.

Do you decide more intuitively or after a longer consideration? Why?
I used to think that I “worry” a lot, but then I realised that what I am doing is simply thinking about a decision until all the possibilities are obvious to me. A process I enjoy because I love to come up with solutions out of the box.

So it’s really a mix, of consideration and sudden inspiration.

When are you honest with yourself and when are you not?
I feel I am as honest as myself as I can be. I don’t let myself get away with anything much.

How do you let go of your aggression?
It‘s very rare that I feel aggression or get angry. When I do it usually bursts out of me through screaming or throwing things.. A very sudden outburst that passes quickly…. I think I have one of those maybe once or twice a year or so.

What would you be as a work of art?
A lush, lovingly care for, beautifully arranged garden with a perfect mix of wildness and artistic landscaping, places to sit to soak it all in, and with birds singing….

What do you always carry with you and why?
I hate to admit it: my iPhone…..for the obvious reasons.

What makes you the person you are?
I’m in the process of finding out who the person I am is.

What do you think spontaneously when you think of home?
Lying in Miten’s arms.

Which life event has influenced you the most?
Deciding to become a disciple of my guruji Osho when I was 10 years old.

Who do you really want to get to know and why?
The divine essence in everyone and in every animal I meet and in all of nature- and to be aware of it at all times. That would give me a sense of oneness that is ever-present.

Which piece of music has changed your life, and why?
The recording of the Gayatri Mantra that is on my first album The Essence. It is a manifestation of the mantra that I grew up with as a child and this recording of it became so “infectious” that it created a big circle of friends for Miten and I and most of all made so many people all around the world familiar with this powerful mantra. From the feedback we have been receiving over the 21 years since it’s release it has changed many people’s lives.

Which three skills would you like to have?
Play piano or guitar fluidly and freely

Being psychic

Being able to paint beautifully

You meet yourself the first time, what is your impression?
An open and loving woman, ready to laugh and smile.

What‘s your next year‘s New Year‘s resolution for next year?
I won’t have one. haven’t made any for as long as I can remember.

Which interview question would you ask yourself that nobody has asked you yet?
I like the question, but cannot think of an answer.


Das Interview wurde im November 2019 geführt.

Interview: Ilka Koch
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