Interview mit Miten


What is your biggest concern at the moment?

global warming and over-population

How strongly do you depend on the recognition of others?

not much

Do you decide more intuitively or after a longer consideration? Why?

intuitively – it‘s just my nature

When are you honest with yourself and when are you not?

always honest – you can run but you cannot hide! – i keep a close watch on my heart and respond to whatever it says

How do you let go of your aggression?

osho‘s dynamic meditation …or…‘bob dylan live at the royal albert hall 1966‘ full blast on my headphones

What would you be as a work of art?

a whirling dervish

What do you always carry with you and why?

my phone – so i can call deva when i get lost

What makes you the person you are?

what MADE me the person i am; osho

What do you think spontaneously when you think of home?

the planet

Which life event has influenced you the most?

meeting the guru

Who do you really want to get to know and why?

myself – for obvious reasons

Which piece of music has changed your life, and why?

the gayatri mantra – creating the music for this changed mine and deva‘s life

Which three skills would you like to have?

technically a great guitarist – being a intuitively great vegan chef – being able to learn

You meet yourself the first time, what is your impression?

he‘s lived, he‘s loved, he‘s fallen, he‘s risen…he‘s lived etc…

What‘s your next year‘s New Year‘s resolution for next year?

let‘s wait til january 1st. 2020 to answer that one.

Which interview question would you ask yourself that nobody has asked you yet?

that one!


Das Interview wurde im November 2019 geführt.
Interview: Ilka Koch

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